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Greetings, fellow space fan! Robert Picardo here.

February has been filled with amazing discoveries and old friends. In this episode, we explore the hottest space news and make a special visit to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. Enjoy:

Onward to space news!

NASA just discovered seven Earth-size planets, three of which could harbor liquid water! We now know of seven potentially habitable Earth-size worlds, just 40 light-years away.

We’re one step closer to Europa. Two separate missions to send a flyby spacecraft and lander to Jupiter’s icy, ocean-harboring moon are gaining steam. Our Board President Jim Bell appeared on CNN to share the excitement.

Triumphant return for SpaceX. With their first East Coast launch since a Falcon 9 exploded at Cape Canaveral last September, SpaceX successfully launched and landed their rocket from pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center.

LightSail goes global. CEO Bill Nye and LightSail 2 Systems Engineer Barbara Plante brought the story of our citizen-funded spacecraft to the International Symposium on Solar Sailing in Kyoto, Japan. On the other side of the globe, our LightSail 1 engineering model is now on display at the Science Museum in London!

The dinosaurs didn’t have a space program—luckily, we do. An asteroid or comet headed for Earth is one of the only large-scale natural disasters we can likely prevent. Today, we’re asking you to help fund astronomers who are working to help save the world. We just hit our $50,000 goal: let’s soar higher!

Thanks for reading. This month’s Picardo’s Pic is a free poster download for our citizen scientists to become fellow planetary defenders.

Defending Earth

I hope you enjoyed this issue of The Planetary Post. See you in March!

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo
Board Member, The Planetary Society


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