2016 Circles of Giving Awards

For decades, each year the Vatican Observatory Foundation has been honoring those individuals and organizations whose generosity has attained a certain level of lifetime support. This public recognition is but a small token of our profound gratitude and appreciation. Our many thanks and prayers go to all those who support our mission but especially to these being honored this year.

Each Circle of Giving is named in honor of one of the exceptional individuals connected with Astronomy, the Society of Jesus and the Vatican Observatory.

The Eusebio Kino Circle

Fr. Eusebio Kino, SJ, was the first Jesuit astronomer in the Arizona desert and a splendid example of the Jesuits extending their apostolic endeavors from the old to the new world. Unable to go to the missions in China, in the seventeenth century he came to Sonora, the region which today comprises Northwestern Mexico and Southwestern United States.

Gary and Debra Gutt

Thomas Lord Charitable Trust

Mark and Lori Orvek

The Christoph Clavius Circle

Fr. Christoph Clavius, SJ, was a mathematician, confident of Galileo, and a major figure in the reform of the calendar. He suffered the tensions of his day between old world views and the challenges of such as Galileo. Facing them as a scientist, he confirmed Galileo’s telescopic observations and established a tradition of true scholarship which contributed to the spirit embodied in the founding of the Vatican Observatory.

Karen Gardner

Mary Louise Jackowicz

Ken and Karen Miller

The Georges Lemâitre Circle

Fr. Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian priest and cosmologist was one of the first to propose what has come to be known as the Big Bang. As president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, he had the very difficult task of trying to convince Pope Pius XII of the difference between scientific theories and religious creeds. With such figures as Hubble and Einstein, Lemaitre was a principal protagonist in the birth of modern cosmology.

Terry Seidler

The Strake Foundation


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